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Benefits of a Professional Architect Career

Design Workshop Inc Professional Architect Firm in DelawareA career as a professional architect is a creative, challenging and rewarding way to earn a living. There are many benefits to choosing this career path, most notably the artistic freedom, solid pay and respect felt amongst your clients and colleagues. Design Workshop Inc., a professional architect firm in Hockessin, DE, has outlined the top 10 reasons you should join our field!

10 Reasons to Become a Professional Architect

Be your own boss. After a few years of professional experience, you can branch out onto your own and start your own architect firm. Many architects make great money working freelance/contract work as well.

Artistic freedom & expression. Although you have certain project parameters to follow, for the most part architects have the freedom to pursue their personal artistic expression. You get paid to think outside the body and create functional spaces for each specific client.

Positively impact people’s lives. Not only do you develop relationships with your clients, but your clients appreciate the work you do. From recreating a crumbling historic landmark to designing a modern skyscraper, an architect’s impact on society is constantly felt.

Longevity of career. The job of an architect is not physically demanding, therefore you can work successfully until retirement age.

No shortage of work. For as long as buildings need to designed, built or restored there will always be a need for a professional architect.Design Workshop Inc Professional Architect Company DE

Solid pay. According to The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2018 the median salary for architects was $79,380 annually.

Witness the fruits of your labor. Not only do architects design the plans for buildings, but they take part in the building processes as well. It is very rewarding to see your project transform from an idea on paper to a real-life structure.

Variety. Every project is different. As an architect you can specialize in residential, light commercial, historic renovations, large projects or a variety of services!

Field is constantly is evolving. Technology, programming, materials and construction methods are always being upgraded to new platforms and changing with the times. You must stay on top of these new concepts in order to execute your design plans correctly. This also allows for you to stay on top of your career and keep it exciting.

Design Workshop Inc Professional Architect Firm in DERespect. Being an architect requires a thorough education, a natural talent for design and a passion many do not possess. These factors combined demand respect both in and out of the field.

Architect Company in Delaware

Design Workshop, Inc. provides a variety of architectural design services throughout Delaware and the Greater Philadelphia area. From historic renovations to residential architecture and light commercial work, call us to inquire about your project today.

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