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2019 Philadelphia Commercial Architecture Trends

Design Workshop Inc 2019 Philadelphia Commercial Architecture TrendsLike Philadelphia Residential Architecture, the boundaries of architecture in office spaces are ever-changing. Each year brings new layouts and designs trends that must fulfill business owners’ unique needs. The architect firms’ design and build is vital for our commercial clients in terms of the success of the business, optimizing work flow, supporting your brand and promoting employee wellness. From open workspace floor plans to eco-friendly designs and more, here are the top Philadelphia commercial architecture trends of 2019.Use Design Workshop, Inc.’s blog for inspiration for your own upcoming project or to incorporate a few trends below into your current office space.

Top Trends in Philadelphia Commercial Architecture

Eco-friendly design.
Employee and earth wellness now go hand in hand. Businesses are looking for innovative ways to cut costs and lower their impact on the environment. Architect firms achieve eco-friendly commercial architecture design through placement of the building, rooftop solar panels, using recycled materials, energy-efficient HVAC systems, water-saving fixtures and more. Brands are more aware than ever about how sustainability matters to their employees and customers.

Combining Indoor & Outdoor
This is mainly a concept we discuss with restaurant clients, but we have seen some Philadelphia commercial buildings incorporate this unique architectural aspect. A few ways to add this trendy touch is large floor-to-ceiling windows, a wall that can fold away, seamlessly connect a veranda or balcony to an office space and numerous more applications.Design Workshop Inc 2019 Trends in Philadelphia Commercial Architecture

Brand Identity
Your office space should be a reflection of your brand and all that it represents. Whether that means simply painting the walls your brands’ color, incorporating sustainable materials, creating a wall mural or anything in between your architecture design company should know what unique brand aspects you’d like incorporated from the start.

Employee-conscious Work Zones
While open-plan office spaces are still the norm, employers quickly learned they needed to accommodate for their introvert employees who don’t necessarily like to be surrounded by people at all times. This led to architects creating work zones which can include cubicle space for semi-private working, designated office spaces, open desk seating and team-building stations. These work zones can be changed and updated as needed to meet the needs of a businesses’ growing team.

Design Workshop Inc Philadelphia PA Commercial Architecture TrendsNatural Light.
The days of harsh overhead florescent lighting are out the door. Businesses are now incorporating natural lighting into their office spaces, because of the proven positive impact on their employee’s health and well-being. Architects add natural light through large energy-efficient windows, skylights, even retractable roofing.

Indoor Greenery
With the increase of natural light, many businesses are also adding indoor greenery. Incorporating plant life to commercial space boosts a building’s wellness, improves mood, reduces indoor pollution and adds a unique design aspect. Recently, Design Workshop, Inc. has installed permanent greenery into offices such as moss walls, but stand-alone plants work just as well.

Repurposed Buildings
One of the most exciting Philadelphia commercial architecture trends is when a business owner finds a new way to use an old building. Take Bok in South Philly: it was once a school from 1936 – 2013 when it was closed and put up for auction. Since then, this magnificent building has transformed into a developer and architect’s dream. Currently, it is home to a rooftop bar, catering company, photographer, wedding videographer, pre-school and so much more with room for growth.

Experienced Architect Firm serving Philadelphia

The Delaware-based architecture firm of Design Workshop, Inc. offers a number of services for commercial building design in the tri-state area. Whether you are starting from the ground, doing a renovation or want to repurpose a building, our team has the experience, skills and innovative thinking to create an office that fits your vision. For more information and to start discussing your project, call us today at 302-239-6901.

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