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Current Trends in Philadelphia Residential Architecture

Design Workshop Inc Top Trends in Philadelphia Residential ArchitectureThe trends in construction, architecture, design and real estate are constantly changing, but never more so than in a large metropolitan area like Philadelphia. These evolving trends speak a lot about who is moving in and out of the city and how we as architects must adapt to their specific style and needs. For instance, the 1990s saw a large influx of wealthy Boomers move to the city who wanted to show off their grandeur with vaulted ceilings, huge master suites and the kitchen island. But with the new millennium arriving to Philadelphia, we’re seeing an entirely different wave of wants and needs for the younger generation. Design Workshop Inc. has explored and highlighted the top current trends in Philadelphia residential architecture.

Top Trends in Philadelphia Residential Architecture

Live/Work Space: The advances in technology have made telecommuting much more feasible. With millennials seeking more flexible work schedules, they’re taking full advantage of the opportunity to work at home. In turn, they need a dedicated, distraction free space to do so. Home offices are at the top of the list when it comes to architectural design needs.

Multi-functioning Spaces: Homeowners want to take full advantage of every square foot in their home, including the option of flexible spaces. Movable dividers and sliding doors can transform a designated home office into an at-home yoga studio in seconds. These versatile spaces allow families to customize rooms as they need.Design Workshop Inc Current Philadelphia Residential Architecture Trends

Open Floor Plans: Open space design preferences have been around for some time and aren’t going anywhere. Buyers and renters prefer the open design to create natural flow throughout the home and accommodate for entertaining. As architects, the challenge is to create new and innovative ways to transition rooms in open concept designs. Some approaches include changing floor color or style or islands that separate kitchens.

Technology: The technology boom has spilled over from our smart phones and become a huge feature in the architectural design needs for many homeowners. Virtually all home systems can now be controlled by smartphones and tablets, from your security systems to your heating, lighting, curtains, even your kitchen sink. Architects must design and build around these new systems.

Design Workshop Inc Residential Architecture Trends PhiladelphiaResidential Architecture Company serving Philadelphia

The latest in Philadelphia architectural trends can tell us a lot about the future of the housing market. From what the past several years has looked like, we can confidently predict houses and apartments in the city will feature open concepts, incorporate technology and offer sustainable features. If you want to talk about redesigning your home to keep up with the modern trends, call Design Workshop, Inc. Our architectural design company in Delaware can assist in the planning and design of residential and commercial projects.

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