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Architectural Tips to Make a Room Look Larger

Design Workshop Inc Delaware Small Room Architectural TipsAs professional Delaware architects, we know that sometimes you may be limited in square footage. We do everything in our power to expand and create as much space as possible, but sometimes renovations just won’t allow for much wiggle room. Don’t compromise on your dream space, just because the square footage may not be as large as you’d hoped. Our architect company has come up with some genius architectural tips to make small rooms appear larger without adding to the square footage.


8 Architectural Tips to Make a Room Appear Bigger

  1. Raised/Vaulted Ceilings: Expand your square footage upwards by raising or vaulting your ceilings.Design Workshop Inc DE Architectural Tips for Small Rooms
  2. Skylights: Accentuate the ceilings height and open it up to the sky! The natural light will instantly create an open and airy ambiance.
  3. Natural Light: Pair your skylights with as many windows as possible. The more light you can let into a room the bigger it will feel.
  4. Wide Wood Floors: Installing wood floors with wider planks, rather than your standard 2 1/4 –inch, help a room feel much bigger.
  5. Simplicity: Declutter, declutter, declutter! Even the largest rooms will feel crowded and small if you have too much furniture, décor and mess.
  6. Choose Colors Wisely: Bold or dark colors can feel overpowering in a small room. Stick with lighter colors for paint, tiles and upholstery.
  7. Multi-functional furniture: Eliminate clutter and give the illusion of space by using multi-functional furniture. Window seats with storage, ottomans, storage bench with baskets all have dual purposes and are beautiful pieces to add to your collection.
  8. High Doors: If you can’t expand upward, consider installing high doors. They can exaggerate the height of the ceiling and make the room appear larger.

Design Workshop Inc Architectural Tips Small Rooms Look LargerSneaky ways to create the illusion of space

There are many unique and fun ways to give the illusion of space when adding square footage is not an option. Our team of architects and designers use these architectural tips (and many more) to add depth and space to even the smallest room. These tips work well for living rooms, bedrooms and dining rooms. If you’re interested in discussing a renovation project in Delaware, Philadelphia or New Jersey, call our architecture design company today at 302-239-6901.

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